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Romney calls on Americans to 'turn the page' in acceptance speech, heads to New Orleans to survey Isaac damage

Fresh off capping the Republican Convention with a rallying call for a “better future” for America, Mitt Romney hit the campaign trail Friday on his first official day as the Republican nominee...

Eastwood spars with chair as Obama stand-in, calls Romney 'stellar' businessman

Legendary Hollywood tough guy Clint Eastwood brought down the house with a comic turn Thursday night at the Republican National Convention, telling America it’s time to give a “stellar” busin...

An old Romney friend brings tears to RNC as she recalls his private compassion

Her story got tears flowing at the Republican National Convention, and may well have gone a long way toward showing Mitt Romney didn’t simply start doing good deeds when cameras were clicking and...

After convention warm-up, Romney to make his case in nomination speech

Some of the biggest names in Republican politics have spent the last week warming up the crowd for Mitt Romney. Now it's up to the newly anointed nominee to make his own case.

Un-conventional moments: A look back at GOP National Conventions

There’s simply no more dramatic, tense or humorous time to watch the strange, imperfect mechanism of representative democracy at work than during a national convention. The photos here, however, ...

Ryan calls for an American 'turnaround,' with Romney in the lead

Paul Ryan, if only for a night, shelved his budget-nerd persona and used his Republican convention address to lunge - again and again - at President Obama and accuse the current White House of econ...

Speculation swirls around GOP convention mystery guest

Will Clint Eastwood make the Republicans’ day? Or maybe Sarah Palin? Rush Limbaugh, perhaps?

Rice makes return to political spotlight complete in Tampa

Condoleezza Rice insists she's not interested in politics. But Republicans can't help but notice the former secretary of state is back in the thick of it these days, holding fundraisers, endorsing...

Christie rallies Republicans in convention keynote

The straight-talking New Jersey governor used his highly anticipated convention keynote to strike a match under the Republican Party faithful and effectively give them their marching orders going i...

Rising GOP star Mia Love glides into the spotlight at convention

Mia Love isn't a household name yet. But by the end of the Republican National Convention, she could be, as she prepares to deliver what is poised to be a breakout speech Tuesday evening in Tampa. 

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