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Biden touts Obama's leadership in convention speech critical of Romney

Vice President Joe Biden provided Americans with glimpse Thursday night into the tough decisions President Obama makes in the Oval Office, in an effort to encourge voters to re-elect President Obama.

Obama defends path Democrats offer, saying it 'leads to a better place'

President Obama on Thursday night made his case for re-election before an overflow crowd at the Democratic National Convention.

Bill Clinton delivers emphatic endorsement of Obama, saying America is better off

Former President Bill Clinton made a lengthy case Wednesday night for President Obama being re-elected.

Elizabeth Warren to middle class: 'The system is rigged'

Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat competing in Massachusetts for a Senate seat, made her case Wednesday night to re-elected President Obama to help the middle class.

Michelle Obama talks up president's humble beginnings as steering his public life

First lady Michelle Obama talked Tuesday night about her family and America's "Story of Hope."

Julian Castro defends Obama, casts Romney as candidate of 'no' in DNC keynote

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro gave President Obama a ringing endorsement Tuesday as the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention.

Booker rallies Democrats to kick off convention, saying platform will move America forward

Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker told the crowd Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention that paying taxes is a patriotic duty.

Team Obama works to mend fences with labor as convention begins

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are working hard to improve Democrats' relationship with labor unions.

Bain employees to speak at Democrats' convention, officials confirm

Former employees of Bain Capital, the private equity firm started by Mitt Romney, are expected to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

Trouble for Dems in North Carolina as convention moves into full swing

Democrats made an awkward choice in picking North Carolina as the host city for its 2012 national convention.

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Bill Clinton to play prominent role at DNC

Impact on race for White House