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Arizona cartoonist Arnie Bermudez, based in Tucson, captures the humor in the latest political events making news around the country. Enjoy. 












After his announcement this weekend, George P. Bush is being seen by some as a possible future President of the U.S., perhaps the first Latino in the White House. The irony is that the first Mexican in the White House would be coming in, literally, through the Bushes.








(Arnie Bermudez)


The Tucson Unified School District vs. Mexican American Studies

Students in Tucson who hoped to study Mexican American Studies were shut out by the TUSD, who essentially shut down the program to comply with a state law outlawing classes that emphasize a students ethnicity over their individuality.

(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

Sneaking In Mexican American Studies

This illustration compares crossing the border to the act of smuggling books from the discarded  Mexican American Studies curriculum into Tucson classrooms. 

(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)


As a red state, Arizona supports Mitt Romney in this presidential election. Has Joe Arpaio checked Romney's birth certificate yet?

(Arnie Bermudez)


A recent Rocky Mountain Poll shows both candidates in a close race in Arizona. If Hispanics turn out to the polls in Arizona this election, it may become a battleground state and give the Democrats an edge.

(Arnie Bermudez)



Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, who won the Arizona Republican primary to challenge Democrat Raul Grijalva for Congress gained national attention for comments she made about people from the Middle East.


After a woman gets sexually assaulted in a bar in Coconino County, Ariz., by an off- duty cop, the judge sentences the cop to 100 hours of community service and probation, with no jail time. Then she tells the victim: "If you wouldn’t have been there that night, none of this would have happened to you."

(Arnie Bermudez)


After the Arizona primary elections, Rep Jeff Flake now faces his first real threat in any election since 2001, when he ran for Jon Kyl's Senate seat. The threat comes from none other than former U.S. Attorney General Richard Carmona.
(Arnie Bermudez)


Arizona’s H.B. 2036 was signed into law at the beginning of the month. Shortening the time in which women can get an abortion from 20 weeks to 18 weeks, because,according to Arizona, life begins two weeks before conception.

(Arnie Bermudez)


As the Obama administration began accepting deferred deportation applications from people brought here illegally as children, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer took the opportunity to say her state will not provide driver's licenses or any other public benefits to the young undocumented immigrants -- many of whom will now pay taxes.
(Arnie Bermudez+)


Former Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce wants to make a political comeback, at times touting his work for education--a word that some of his campaign signs spell incorrectly.
(Arnie Bermudez.)


The same week the federal government provided women with free birth control, pap smears and mamograms, Arizona placed new restrictions on abortion. Is the state halting progress?

(Arnie Bermudez)

Sheriff Joe's Campaign For "Truth"

Just last week Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio announced that he had solved the the case of President Obama's birth certificate. Not that President Obama releasing it hadn't already solved it. Guess what folks... It's a fraud. What else will Sheriff Joe uncover?
(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

How To Treat A Latino Legend

A few weeks ago former Arizona Governor Raul H. Castro brushed off some mistreatment by the Border Patrol in Nogales, AZ. But what does a Latino legend, distinguished diplomat and 96 year-old have to do to prove he's not a thug?
(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

Scorpions For Breakfast

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer does not have a problem when it comes to finding an opponent.
(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

A Separation of Church & State

Has the Mexican-American studies curricula ban in Tucson gone too far?

(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

Jan Brewer Prepares For SB 1070 Ruling

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer declared the SB 1070 Supreme Court ruling a victory for Arizona. Is it just me or does Gov. Brewer seem a little too excited to institute the controversial law?
(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

The Arizona Militias

A recent report says militias are on the rise across the Arizona border. Are they patriotic law-abiding citizens or stooge vigilantes?

(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

Sheriff Babeau's Cookie Jar

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has really taken advantage of his position and sentiment coming out of the state of Arizona. He was heavily featured in the John McCain "Build the Dang Fence!" ad and was going to run for senate. Problem was when people started really looking at him they found a lot of interesting information he didn't want people to see.
(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

Jesse Kelly... Puppet for ALIPAC?

Recently, Republican candidate for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' Arizona seat Jesse Kelly has been refusing to give an answer on whether he accepts an endorsement from ALIPAC. ALIPAC, an  anti-illegal immigration group, has been accused of having ties to white supremacists and neo-nazis. Kelly accepted their endorsement in 2010. Instead of answering the question Kelly has stuck to his talking points.

(Arnie Burmudez/Fox News Latino)

Arizona's Birther Problem

Recently the Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett made an 'inquiry" regarding President Obama's birth certificate, threatening to keep him off the ballot. Sheriff  Joe Arpaio sent his own detective to Hawaii to investigate. But...what if, instead of getting the goods on the President, Arpaio uncovered his own Kenyan birth certificate instead?

(Arnie Burmudez/Fox News Latino)

Driving While Brown

"Driving while brown" ... Despite what some people say it does happen. It's not fair. I don't think Canadians have the same problems.

(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

The Usual Suspects?

What makes a person look 'Mexican' or 'American?' What are law enforcement and people seeing when they look at people of Mexican descent? As most of us know, sometimes its the ones you didn't suspect who surprise you.

(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

Sheriff Joe's Appetite For Destruction

Does Sheriff Joe Arpaio eat in Mexican restaurants? Or, is he afraid of what the kitchen workers would do to his food? Here's a funny interpretation...

The Battle Over SB 1070

With Arizona's controversial immigration law SB 1070 being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, this illustration shows the intensity this law has inspired on both sides. To some it feels like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is taking a stand not only against undocumented immigrants but Latinos in general.

(Arnie Bermudez/Fox News Latino)

Arnie's Corner

Arizona cartoonist Arnie Bermudez, based in Tucson, captures the humor in the latest political events making news around the country. Enjoy. 

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