Mexican Security Expo
Six startling products from the Mexico Security Expo.

Mex Expo Mobile Command Center

A Police Headquarters To Go

Monterrey-based TSN Security & Telecom’s line of mobile command vehicles are outfitted with telescopic masts and closed-circuit television for monitoring large groups from multiple angles. Two models were deployed to Mexico City’s Zócalo during evening bicentennial Independence Day celebrations last September. “From this vehicle, we could see everything,” said Galicia Figueroa, a TSN marketing expert. The C30 model is seen here. Prices vary widely.

Mex Expo Car Armoring Service

Hot Armored Cars

Tijuana-based Car Armoring Service International equips cars with seven different levels of protection, able to block everything from AK-47s to 9 mm ammunition. A few years ago, the average Mexican buyer was a private individual looking to thwart kidnapping attempts, said corporate director Marco Santelices. But due to the drug war’s escalation, a new trend has taken hold: 80 percent of Santelices’ buyers are now public authorities. Pictured to the left, a GMC Yukon Denali with level five armoring. Prices vary widely.

(Ruth Samuelson)

Mex Expo Protect Security Systems

Thief-Confounding Fog

“When you can’t see, you can’t steal,” said Søren Markussen, chief of exports for the Denmark-based business Protect Security Systems. His company manufactures a machine that injects a thick, white fog into the air upon detecting an intruder. In 20 seconds, the disoriented thief is groping his way back to his original entrance. The least expensive model costs $2,200.

Mex Expo Select Carry SlingPack

The Deadliest Bag

The main pouch on this one-shoulder backpack was made to hold weaponry, such as a submachine gun or semi-automatic rifle. The Select Carry Sling Pack by 5.11 Tactical is popular among private security guard companies, said Gabriel Martin, co-owner of the chain Elite Tactical Equipment, which sells the product and has locations in Mexico and southern California. The bag retails for $129.99.

(Ruth Samuelson)

Mex Expo Autotrack

A Vehicular Panic Button

Tracking Systems of Mexico can monitor your car’s location and, upon receiving an alert, listen to what’s happening inside. In the capital region alone, the company has agreements with State, Federal and Federal District police that allow it to connect directly and send help in case of a kidnapping, car theft, roadside robbery or other threatening situation. The device costs roughly $680.

Mex Expo Receive Case

Suitcase-Based Video

From a case not much larger than a square foot, authorities in remote locations can simultaneously receive four separate digital video channels. Used mostly in first-responder and crisis situations, the Solo4 - MultiVue Receive Case by U.K.-based company Cobham has already been purchased by the state governments of Jalisco and Nuevo León, said Eduardo M. Magaña Vargas, a representative for its Mexican distributor. An earlier Receive Case model is pictured here. Price not released.

Mexican Security Expo

Six startling products from the Mexico Security Expo.

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