Bioo Lite -- harnessing the power of plants to charge your phone

Next time your smart phone battery is dying, look no further than a plant.

Researchers in Spain have invented a houseplant that provides electricity by harnessing the power of photosynthesis.

Bioo Lite was invented by the Barcelona-based company Arkyne Technologies. It isn’t the plant itself that charges the phone, but the solar energy and the specially designed pot the plant sits in.

In the Bioo Lite, “power plant,” bacteria in the pot breaks up the compounds, releasing electrons that travel along nanowires. The resulting electricity powers a typical USB port, where you can plug in your phone or tablet cable.

For the full description see the video below:

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Arkyne CEO Pablo M. Vidarte told Fox News Latino that the Bioo Lite is really just a scale model of their bigger plan to power cities using the patented technology.

“We hope to disrupt the energy market. We saw an opportunity. We’ve had great results, and the next step is public spaces, agriculture and parks,” Vidarte told FNL.

In September, the company will begin taking orders for Indigogo  for $112.00, with an estimated delivery by December 2016. The plant is not included.

Arkyne Technologies claims the pot allows up to three charges per day, taking about as long to charge your smartphone as a laptop does.

Bioo Lite’s expected 3.5 volts and 500 milliamps is actually a little less than many USB ports. Not all plants produce the same amount of electricity, so cactus plants aren’t recommended.

The company has already exceeded its goal of $17,000.

“We’re working with Repsole Foundation and other banks, and green energy companies. Eventually, we’d like to work on reforestation projects and protecting our jungles,” Vidarte says.

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