Sweet cheeks: 2015 Miss BumBum contest won by Suzy Cortez

Suzy Cortez takes a back seat to no one. 

And now she can prove it as the winner of the 2015 Miss BumBum contest.

The booty-ful Brazilian beat out 14 of her fellow curvaceous countrywomen to earn the crown of having the country's best butt.

Cortez, from the capital city of Brasilia, said that she has been hitting the gym and kept to a  strict diet to make sure her rear was in top (or bottom) form for the infamous contest.

"I've been preparing myself for the past four months. I've always wanted to win this contest," she said, according to the Daily Mail. "I dedicated myself completely. I dieted and did rigorous training."

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More than 500 women entered the pageant, which is held annually in São Paulo, and the field was eventually narrowed down to 15 finalists representing each of the Brazilian states and the capital city's federal district.

During the contest, the women parade up and down the runway in glittery bras and thongs, don high heels and adorn their eyes with deep mascara. And while the women may all be made up, they have to prove to that their buns are natural and not cooked up by plastic surgery.

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