VIDEO: Talking dog says 'mama' to get a treat, besting 9-month-old baby

Talk about getting a treat.

Andrea Diaz-Giovanini, a mom in Utah, was trying to teach her 9-month-old son, Samuel, to say “mama.” She was using some food to encourage the baby to talk.

In Spanish, Diaz-Giovanini repeatedly asks her son to speak, but Samuel merely looks around slightly confused.

But seeing an opportunity to score a snack – because Sam was just not having it – the family’s 10-year-old Australian Shepherd Patches steps in to speak the word that Diaz-Giovanini was longing to hear.

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Incredibly, Patches begins mouthing the word and even manages to clearly articulate the word “mama” to the surprise of Diaz-Giovanini.

The video was first posted on American’s Funniest Video’s YouTube channel in February after the family sent it in, but it has gone viral in recent weeks.

Diaz-Giovanini told that Samuel had been saying “dada” a lot when the video shot and “we were trying really hard to coax him to say ‘mama.’”

The family posted a second video showing that Patches did get the treat he worked so hard for.

Diaz-Giovanini said America's Funniest Video contacted the family about being on the show this fall, but plans have not been confirmed. 

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