Cat From Spain Ends Up 1,500 Miles Away, Lost In Small English Village

Dribbler, the cat, now looking for a home in England.

Dribbler, the cat, now looking for a home in England.  (PIC BY MIKEY JONES / CATERS NEWS)

Not much is known of this little black feline that showed up in Lichfield, Staffordshire, last month. But the only thing vets care to know about is how this stray cat was able to cover 1,500 miles on its own — English Channel included.

Dribbler, as he has been named, was found on July 5 wandering in a resident's back garden. Noticing that he was extremely thin and somewhat disheveled, the woman took him to a local vet. There they discovered the cat was carrying a microchip on his blue velvet collar — to their surprise, when they scanned it was revealed Dribbler was actually registered in Spain.

The approximately 10-year-old kitty has an old injury to his jaw, veterinary nurse Emma Wood explained to the local media, which means “he looks a little funny and dribbles around his meal times.”

“Hence the name,” she added.

Overnight, Dribbler became the new star in this cute medieval town city of 32,000 souls, located some 16 miles north of Birmingham.

Vets and pet lovers are baffled as to how the intrepid cat was able to make the trip across Spain, France and then the English Channel. By car the journey is a 24-hour drive, so this may have been a very long pilgrimage.

Dribbler’s fractured jaw seems to be a result of a car accident, vets explained, which left an injury that was never treated.

However, the cat has not lost his appetite for love and cuddles. “After all he's been through, he's still a really friendly feline,” Wood noted.

“He still eats a lot and it is quite cute when he gets excited before meal times and starts drooling,” she said.

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