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6 Quick Beauty Fixes to Get Bikini-Body Ready by the Weekend


Are you ready for the sexiest summer of your life? You're already armed with your favorite swimsuit and you have your go-to workout, but even the most careful planner can't avoid those last-minute skin-care woes. If you're like us, sweat, cellulite and blemishes have been enough to make us stick to the shade — but no longer.

We rounded up the top tricks to make sure that the only thing you'll be worried about this season is which nail art to try out next.

#1. Smooth Away Cellulite

No matter how many SoulCycle classes you go to, you can still suffer from cellulite, especially on your thighs. It's easy to firm it up fast — just slather on a product that contains caffeine, which will provide a temporary slimming effect. If you hit the genetic lottery and are bump-free, maybe you're more interested in our tips for veins, stretch marks and bruises.

#2. Brighten Up Those Underarms

If you shave your underarms, there’s a good chance that they’ve darkened over the years — and the same goes for your bikini line. We had no idea that this regular routine was actually harmful! But you may have had the solution in your medicine cabinet all along: Swipe acne treatment pads along the affected area to exfoliate away dark skin.

#3. Blast Away Butt Acne

Embarrassing booty blemishes are an unfortunate side effect of summer, whether it's genetics or lack of exfoliation. Treat the offending spot with a salicylic acid-infused formula. A sweaty tush can also be the cause, so make sure you have any derrière dampness under control.

#4. Exfoliate Rough, Sandal-Abused Feet

When flip-flop weather rolls around, we’re definitely guilty of paying attention to our pedicure color and ignoring the rest of our feet. Treat rough, neglected skin with a pumice stone or Epsom salt soak. If you're the kind of gal who leaves a stinky footprint, you might want to try some herbal remedies.

#5. Banish Breast Sweat

It doesn't matter if your chest is big or small, you can fall victim to sweaty breasts. Slow down the stickiness by smoothing on antiperspirant before you put on your bra. And if you've been suffering from chest breakouts, this may help clear them up.

#6. Freshen Up Your Breath

With so many tasty summer treats laying around, it's not hard to pick up bad breath along with those chips and guac. Provided your dental hygiene game is solid, you can help avoid a stinky mouth by eating crunchy veggies and using a tongue scraper.