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15 Travel DIYs That Make Leaving Home Easier


 (All photos courtesy of POPSUGAR Smart Living)

Whether on vacation or a business trip, traveling can sometimes be challenging.

That said, we've rounded up a few DIYs — concerning everything from packing all the right stuff to only bringing travel-size versions of all your favorite products — that might help ease travel tension, making leaving home a little bit easier.

#1. Washcloth Travel Kit

DIY this easy travel kit from a dollar store washcloth, and you have a smart way to take all your essentials with you.

#2. Single-Use Packets

All you need are a few straws, scissors, a lighter, and your favorite products to make these easy-to-use single-use packets.

#3. Single-Serve Coffee

If you really love your coffee, make these easy single-serve coffee pods with the help of coffee filters so you can have your favorite cup of joe while on the road.

#4. Scented Travel Candles

Sometimes hotel rooms don't smell so fresh, which makes these adorable travel candles a smart way to refresh any space.

#5. Sleep Mask

Along with being so soothing, this DIY eye mask also helps you fall asleep fast.

#6. Mini Lotions

Instead of lugging around your big container of lotion while traveling, make mini lotion bars instead.

#7. Fresh Breath

Mix together this easy all-natural spray that keeps your breath fresh, no matter where you are.

#8. Stain Stick

Stains happen — even while traveling. DIY a mini stain stick that you can bring anywhere.

#9. Homemade Tea Bags

Mix together your favorite blend of tea in homemade tea bags so you have them while traveling.

#10. All-In-One Laundry Bombs

No need to bring laundry detergent, fabric softener, and stain remover: make these all-in-one laundry bombs that are so compact, making them easy to pack when traveling.

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