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'Noah' Declared 2013's Most Popular Name for Boys, 'Sophia' for Girls


Parents in the United States have evidently grown sick of all the Jacobs that pervade their sons' and daughters' schoolyards and soccer practices, because they've up and decided to stop birthing so many Jacobs for the first time in 14 years.

A report released by the Social Security Administration has recently revealed the most popular baby names of 2013, with Noah taking the top spot for boys — and knocking Jacob two slots to No. 3. This is an especially noteworthy occurrence, in that 2013 is the first year in over five decades that either Jacob or Michael wasn't the most popular name for boys. (David was the last non-Jacob, non-Michael name to hold that title back in 1960.)

For girls, Sophia is still the most popular baby name for the third year running. Although, as Time magazine points out, Sofia — spelled with an "f" — is slowly gaining on Sophia with a "ph," becoming the 13th most common name for girls on its own.

In other words, you'll only have to slog through a few more decades of meeting nothing but Jacobs and Emilys, only to experience a subsequent decade of meeting nobody but Sophias and Noahs.

Keep reading for a full top-10 list of 2013's most popular boy and girl baby names, then try thinking of something completely different for your next child:


#1. Noah

#2. Liam

#3. Jacob

#4. Mason

#5. William

#6. Ethan

#7. Michael

#8. Alexander

#9. Jayden

#10. Daniel


#1. Sophia

#2. Emma

#3. Olivia

#4. Isabella

#5. Ava

#6. Mia

#7. Emily

#8. Abigail

#9. Madison

#10. Elizabeth