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Tracy Anderson Shares Her Secrets For A Sexy Stomach

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Bikini season is almost here and some of us may be already panicking about our lack of washboard abs. Sure, daily exercise will help you break a sweat and shed the pounds faster, but one celebrity trainer says you need to do more than that for a slimmer stomach.

Tracy Anderson, also known as to go-to fitness guru for the stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian, among others, recently unveiled her fitness regimen for scoring a sexier stomach in four weeks to Health Magazine. However, her dietary guidelines made us do a double take, especially since incorporating healthier eating habits can be a challenge for those watching their weight.

“Unfortunately you just can’t exercise your way to it,” explains Anderson on scoring a slimmer stomach. “A lot has to do with what you put into your mouth. I find that one contributor to a bloated belly is gluten. That’s why I choose to eliminate it from my diet.”

However, even Anderson admits that not everyone can toss aside gluten from their diets, or even wants to.  What to do?

“Simply stick to whole grains, which are a much healthier choice than the overly processed alternatives,” she says. “

Not only are whole grains delish, but they’ll also keep you feeling fuller longer, which means less pesky cravings.

The one thing she does suggests eating? It may surprise you.

“If you’re after a sleeker middle, add dairy to your diet,” adds Anderson, who likes preparing homemade parmesan crisps with cooked veggies. “Research shows that its proteins increase satiety and cause you to eat less. “

Anderson also suggests eating cleaner, replacing all processed dishes with fresh, natural foods.  

You'll also want to double-down on those efforts with Anderson’s flat belly moves, which can be done from the comfort of home.

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