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Reddit Users Reveal Their Favorite Little-Known Apps


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Your phone is loaded with useless, outdated apps. Sure, some can be extremely helpful from time to time, like maybe Shazam, Twitter, or Yelp, but what percentage of your apps are just taking up space?

It's a lot of them, isn't it?

That's probably what prompted Reddit user wildcard5 to pose the question, "What's your favorite app that no one knows about?" Responses poured from the AskReddit community, with suggestions for some of the coolest an innovative little-known apps for all kinds of popular phones and devices.

The best part? Most of these fantastic apps won't become digital clutter after their first few uses. (We're looking at you, Beer Drinking Simulator Lite.)

Here's 10 of AskReddit's best, smartest, and most fun suggestions:

#1. Fast Customer

Don't you hate calling customer service and having to navigate those awful automated choices, when all you really want to do is speak to a human? Of course you do. Everybody does. That's why a lot of Redditors recommended FastCustomer, which calls the company for you. After navigating their infuriatingly insipid phone tree, FastCustomer calls you back when a customer service representative picks up on the other end.

#2. RunPee

Having to pee in the middle of a movie is the worst. Thankfully, RunPee guarantees that you won't miss any of the film's best scenes by suggesting the most opportune time to urinate. It also provides you with a brief synopsis of the moments you missed while you're away from your seat.

#3. Waze

Waze is an open-source application for sharing information about driving conditions in your area. Too many potholes on Route 9? Upload the info to alert oncoming motorists. Worried about speed traps on near Mile 18? Check Waze to see if its users have noticed a police presence your local freeway. You can also learn/notify others about traffic, detours, or broken down vehicles.

#4. Yik Yak

Yik Yak is "the anonymous social wall for anything and everything," allowing you to flirt, commiserate, or share stories with Yik Yak's closest 500 users. For instance, imagine you're surrounded by strangers but you just thought of a great joke, or you want to alert your neighbors to your next yard sale — just tell Yik Yak. You never know who's paying attention.

#5. French Girls

App stores are full of time-wasters and games, but only some are worth downloading. If you appreciate art/and or like to doodle, try French Girls. Simply upload a selfie to the French Girls community, and somebody will draw your portrait. In turn, you'll do the same thing for someone else.

#6. Songza

Like Pandora, Songza streams music at the push of a few buttons. Unlike Pandora, Songza's playlists are compiled by professional DJs and musicologists, and can be tailored to whichever activity you're currently engaged in. Need to unwind? There are playlists for that. Feel like hitting the gym? Songza's has all the right tunes for working up a sweat.

#7. Duolingo

Translation apps are a dime a dozen, but language-learning software is harder to come by. The free app Duolingo boasts "college-quality education without the pricetag," offering users the chance to learn five of the world's most widely spoken languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

#8. Wanelo

Wanelo offers online shoppers a place to organize and learn about their favorite stores or items. Like a Pinterest page or Tumblr feed, users can follow their favorite stores or people to see what's new and hot, or simply use Wanelo as a place to "save" the things that they plan (or hope) to buy.

#9. Horizon

More often than not, iPhone videos are recorded in "portrait" mode, which makes them super annoying to watch back. Horizon solves this by forcing your iPhone to record video as a landscape. It works no matter how you hold your phone, too; you can twist or rotate your iPhone, and the video will always appear horizontal.

#10. Walk Me Up!

If you can't trust yourself around a snooze button, Walk Me Up! might be the right alarm clock for you. This Android app actually forces you out of bed, as it won't stop ringing until you've walked a predetermined number of steps. There's a similar app for iTunes, too, called the Walk Up Alarm Clock.