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Dita Von Teese Rolls Out A Lingerie Line Of Her Own

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese shares her tips on how to buy the proper-fitting bra.


If we could channel any woman in the boudoir, it would be Dita Von Teese.

Even when she’s just in her underthings, she epitomizes grace and glamour, while still being mercilessly sexy. The burlesque star has just unveiled her latest lingerie collection, a modern reincarnation of styles from the 1950′s, and it has us considering investing in vintage-inspired undergarments more than ever before.

As tends to be the case with dedicates, the beauty is in the details, from the flawless lace and trims, to the fishnets. Dita describes the designs as”accessible glamour,” with prices running from $40 for a lacey thong to $300 for a bodycon slip dress. The line includes corsets, torsolettes, chemises, balconette bras, garters, suspenders, and all that jazz.

It’s taken us too long to take the plunge into neo-vintage lingerie thanks to the convenience of fast fashion. $18 for a bra and panty set? Don’t mind if we do — although we probably should. These pieces often begin to unravel at their first wear, and far too often walk a fine line between alluring and trashy, but it’s hard to argue with the wallet-friendly economics. This is why Dita’s eponymous collection has piqued our interest, the prices are within reach, and it was made at the hands of our favorite modern day pin-up goddess. A no-brainer, indeed.

The collection just launched on and will roll out at Bloomingdales’ brick and mortar locations on March 15th.