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How to Get Hair Like Cressida Bonas


 (Associated Press)

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton may have glossy chestnut tresses with the right amount of curl, but if you’re more into effortless beachy waves, you might prefer the popular look of her potential sister-in-law instead.

Cressida Bonas is best known for being Prince Harry's girlfriend. She loves scrunchies, drinks “rum, straight up” hates “Dirty Dancing” and has a fondness for golden high-waisted shorts. But another thing she’s famous for? That gorgeous head of hair.

Unlike the demure Kate, this 24-year-old socialite is always flaunting her casual blonde mane, making her a fashion icon among envious women yearning for casually chic hair. 

But that kind of casual doesn't come cheap: Vanity Fair is reporting that regulars at the RealHair salon in London have spotted Bonas coming in “for regular appointments every six to eight weeks, so that she never has split ends.” And the cost for a “relatively quick cut and blow dry” from a top stylist? A whopping $250.

“When Cressida comes in she says ‘I want it blown out, but I don’t want it to look like I got it done,’” a source at the salon tells the magazine. Apparently, Bonas prefers this seemingly low-maintenance look because it’s “a big-turn on for Harry, who likes his girls blonde and ready to paint the town red in minutes, not hours.”​

Fortunately, you don’t need to empty out your wallet for Bonas’ sought-after hair.

“Cressida Bonas’ hair is coveted because it has an ease to it that is refreshing in a sea of Victoria’s Secret waves,” explains celebrity stylist Theodore Leaf, who has worked with Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad, and Frieda Pinto, among others. “I think a huge part of it is also the color, which is really natural and simple in appearance. However, it has certainly been professionally done.”

Leaf says that the secret to get your hair looking like Bonas' requires two crucial keys: health and length. While not everyone has hair falling past their shoulders, Leaf recommends a supplement, like Viviscal, to promote quicker growth.

“As far as a haircut goes, I recommend regular dustings, which is an ever so slight trim every six weeks or so to keep the hair fresh without losing length,” adds Lead. “Tell your stylist you DON’T want layers! And don’t let the hair get too long, it’s easy to become addicted to length.”

And finally, channeling your inner maybe-future-royal wouldn’t be complete without the giant scrunchie. However, if this look is too ‘90s retro for your taste, you can still enhance your overall style with a personal touch.

“Do use accessories to spice up this relatively simple and easygoing look,” says Leaf.

“Hair like this reminds me of kids that grow up in Malibu and what’s better than that?” he adds. “This look is the pinnacle of ‘I’m not trying too hard.’ However, the beauty routine is quite extensive to get there.”