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5 Common Mistakes You’re Making with Mascara (and How to Fix Them)


Who doesn't want beautiful, luscious lashes (that are actually yours)? 

Mascaras today offer promises galore in helping us achieve just that, but how do you maximize their effects, unlocking the secret behind your chosen formula, all while avoiding the most common mascara mistakes?

Try these tips for healthy, enviably long lashes:

Avoid the Fall Out.

Ever wondered why that carbon black ash ends up scattered all over your cheek bone and under eye area? The key culprit is old, crumbly formulas. Make sure you test your mascara before application. If the product is thick and goopy, that’s a key indicator the mascara is spoiled and ready to be tossed. Mascara usually lasts for three months before it goes bad, so jot down the month it will expire with a marker on the top or base. Check every once in a while to make sure it's still good.

Bump the Clump.

Clumpy lashes are the worst and the brush is usually to blame. Choose a full bristled brush for application, which will help sweep the formula throughout the lashes and gently comb from root to tip. This will create a full, fluttery look without the clump. You can always switch the brush your product comes with for a better one to make the most out of the formula.

No Pump Please.

News flash: your mascara is not a pump-to-action formula. The next time you are inclined to pump your wand back and forth into your mascara tube for maximum product coating, try twisting your wand instead. This thoroughly coats the wand while also diminishing the amount of drying air allowed to creep into the tube. Your formula will last longer and you'll ensure an even coating.

Comb Through.

For the perfect full lash, try taking a separate dry "spoolie" wand through your lashes after each application to ensure a clump-free, lash-separating effect. Many formulas promise as much, but every once in a while a clump will still arise.

Choose Health.

Gorgeous lashes of envy begin from within. Formulas today offer silkening, lengthening, and growth-promoting factors, which can moisturize your batting beauties for care that starts from the inside-out. However, it’s just as important to care for your lashes beyond your beauty routine. Keep your lashes strong and healthy by thoroughly cleansing your eyes each night before bed, removing any traces of makeup. Leftover eye makeup and mascara can dry your lashes out, while also harboring damaging bacteria. For a total treatment, try switching to a formula that offers moisturizing benefits for an in-use treatment.