Cowboy Culture Comes Alive In Argentina's Day Of The Gaucho

The heart of Argentina's cowboy culture can be found each year on the Day of the Gaucho, when thousands of people parade on horseback through the colonial streets of a town that seems like a living museum.

San Antonio de Areco in provincial Buenos Aires is known as the keeper of Argentina's gaucho traditions, hosting a rodeo and parade that brings huge crowds every year.

This year's 74th annual festivities included Chamame (cha-ma-MAY) music, dancing and Argentine barbecue and other traditional foods. Mayor Francisco Duranova says this culture is essential in an age of globalization.

French tourist Jean Claude Halami says he came because the event is so authentic. In his words, "There's no Brad Pitt, none of the stars, just the people, and for me that's enough."

Based on reporting by the Associated Press.

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