Beijing Doctor Builds Man-Made Mountain Atop Penthouse Apartment

Zhang Biqing's man-made mountain.

Zhang Biqing's man-made mountain.  (YouTube)

Mountains are known for towering high in the sky. Just not atop skyscrapers.

A Beijing doctor is feeling the pressure after creating an over-the-top illegal structure on the roof of a 26-story apartment building.

Zhang Biqing, a doctor and former government advisor, built his own outdoor paradise on top of his penthouse, compete with a two-story, mountain-like structure.

But his neighbors have had enough of the unique monstrosity. The urban management government of the city of Beijing has issued an ultimatum demanding that Biqing take down the sprawling structure.

According to the South China Morning Post, officials have urged him to dismantle the structure himself within 15 days or it will be demolished without his consent.

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Since construction on the structure began six years ago, neighbors have repeatedly complained to building management, and even the police, about the noise and water leaks they have encountered since it was built. They also claim the monstrosity is damaging the building’s foundation.

Local papers say those that those who complained suffered harassment for doing so – including a 77-year-old man who was reportedly beaten up by Biqing and was forced to move from the building after he tried in vain to have it torn down.

“Since I dare to live here, I am not worried about complaints,” Biqing told Beijing Morning News.

Much of the anger regarding the situation has been targeted at the failure of government officials to intervene.

Despite these kinds of structures being illegal in China, it hasn’t stopped thousands of home owners from adding rooms or even whole floors to their homes, sometimes even encroaching on public space to do so.

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