Lions, Tigers, And Ligers? Oh My! Three Rare Liger Cubs Born In Russia

Ligers aren’t some mythical animal reserved for the world of “Napoleon Dynamite.”

While extremely rare, these mixed felines with the facial features of a lion and stripes of a tiger are an actual breed.

And just recently, three of these unusual and adorable cubs were born at the Novosibirsk Zoo in southern Russia.

The three females were born to a liger mother, named Zita, and lion father named Sam last month.

The trio only recently took their first steps outside, according to images obtained by The Daily Mail.

“Visitors coming to the zoo have been desperate to get a glimpse of the newborns as they are so rare,” one of the zookeeper’s revealed. “People always comment on how it's hard to believe they grow to be so big as they are so cute and tiny at the moment.”

Even though they look adorable now, the cubs will grow to be the largest known species of big cat in the world.

For example, when the cubs are full grown they will be able to eat up to 100 pounds of meat in a single sitting.

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