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Fashion Trucks: Mobile Boutiques Take to the Streets

These mobile boutiques are the latest fashion trend.


Not too long ago, food trucks exploded onto every city block. Now, a completely different kind of mobile business is swarming the streets: the fashion truck.

The concept behind the fashion truck is simple: Designers and entrepreneurs can take their styles on the road in a effort to expand their brands. But unlike food trucks, customers are welcome to step inside these four-wheeled boutiques to peruse the wares.

"We really focused on creating an experience inside, and making it not [simply] that we're selling goods out of a truck, but that it's actually a boutique," the co-owner of the Denver Fashion Truck told FOX's Alicia Acuna.

Customers aren't the only ones who benefit from this type of business, either. Owning a mobile shop allows the owners to avoid the tremendous overhead costs of a fixed boutique, and it gives them a chance to break into the highly competitive fashion industry. "It's really been something that we've been able to control ourselves, which has been really freeing as business owners," remarked one of the fashion-truckers from Denver.

And since they're not fighting for foot traffic, fashion trucks often congregate to give the consumer a variety of options. Sometimes, they even park alongside a row of food trucks, giving shoppers the option of picking up a new blouse on their lunch hour.

For more on this fashionable new trend, check out the video above.