YouTube Star Talia Castellano Lives On Through Her Fashion Line

After YouTube star Talia Castellano's passing this week, some people are trying to ensure that her dreams live on.

In April of this year, 13-year-old Castellano met with cancer survivor and fashion designer Urbana Chappa to design a clothing line by the name of “That Bald Chick” because, as Castellano told Mail Online, she wanted to “show young teens that they can express themselves with clothes.”

Following Castellano’s death, Chappa tweeted her dedication to the makeup aficionado and the fashion line they created.

“Love you baby girl @TaliaJoy18.your legacy lives on and the world will be wearing your line soon ! Ill make sure,” Chappa said.

Chappa began a Twitter campaign last week to encourage Target to incorporate “That Bald Chick” in its stores.

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“@TaliaJoy @Target please help get Talia’s line That Bald Chick into your stores!”

The line has garnered a great deal of fans on Twitter, and Chappa is hoping to gain the additional support of TV personality Ellen DeGeneres, who hosted Castellano on her show last year and dedicated Thursday’s episode to her in remembrance.

The line is not yet available in Target stores.

“Talia will always be a magical little girl with a spirit that can light up the entire world,” Chappa told in a statement. “She taught me the true meaning of ‘living life to the fullest.’ I was honored to know her and will miss her dearly.”

Castellano died on Tuesday after suffering from both neuroblastoma and leukemia. Preferring to wear makeup rather than a wig, the young girl became quite the expert at cosmetic application, and was even declared an honorary CoverGirl last year.

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