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Dry Haircut: Why You Should Try It


Getting a haircut usually means a wash, a trim, then drying and styling, right?

Maybe not.

There’s another option that some stylists insist makes the difference between a good haircut and a great haircut.

The dry haircut, as the name implies, means a stylist cuts your hair before washing and styling. Considered “an art form” some, the cut works specifically to enhance your hair type.

“I think it’s catching on because people are noticing the results and they love what they’re seeing,” says Beverly Hills-based dry cut specialist Mika Fowler, whose clients include actresses Rosario Dawson, Olivia Munn, and Emma Roberts, among others.

Want to know why dry haircuts are all the rage among Hollywood and why it’s a method you should consider? Find out what some style experts have to say:

Time Saver

Need those dry tips to be trimmed, but your schedule just won’t allow you to squeeze in a relaxing day at the salon? Don’t even think about butchering your tresses at home. Instead, ask your stylist for a dry cut, which can save you time when on the go. “The benefit of having a dry haircut is that you can immediately see the finished result,” explains DQ, a stylist at Nelson J salon in Beverly Hills. “A dry haircut saves time overall for the client and it can result in a overall cleaner cut.” Before you request this type of cut, make sure your stylist specializes in dry haircuts. DQ says to do a consultation prior to determine if your hair will look its best with a dry haircut.

You Won’t Lose (Too Many) Inches

Hair is longer when it’s wet because it’s weighed down by water. Therefore, when you get a dry haircut and ask the stylist to snip an inch, it will actually be an inch and nothing more. “This removes guesswork from the equation and allows the stylist to cut with precision,” says Fowler.

Get a Personalized Look        

A dry haircut isn’t just about getting rid of damaged ends. In order to perform a dry haircut, a stylist needs to analyze your strands to better assess the hair's texture, movement, and how it naturally falls. As a result, the cut will better frame your natural features, as well as help your hair look and be its healthiest.

The Cut for Curly-Haired Ladies

Got curly hair? Then this type of cut was made for you. “Curly hair is best benefited from a dry cut,” explains Los Angeles-based groomer Julia Papworth. “When hair is wet it becomes very hard to see the curl pattern, which is essential when cutting curly or even wavy hair. If the stylist is unable to see the wave pattern while cutting, they may cut in the wrong place, causing the hair to stick out in odd areas."

Wear Layers for Summer

can easily help you channel your inner Gisele, but if you’re seeking a more polished style that works for the office and on the town, you might want to consider rocking layers instead. “Hairstyles seen on the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel, full of layers and movement, were probably done with a dry cut to give the most amount of precision and control to the stylist as possible,” says Papworth. Like with any new look, many sure you bring photos to your stylist so they can accurately see what you really want and better determine whether the look will suit you.

Interested? What You Should Know

“The interesting thing about dry cutting, certainly with me, is that the process appears to be reserved,” explains Fowler. “For example, with dry cutting, the blow dry should come first. We are working with the final style, right from the beginning.” The result? You can see exactly how your hair will look once you leave the salon.

And if you’re not feeling the look, you can voice your concerns on the spot without having a “Oh no, I just got a bad haircut!” meltdown afterwards.