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The 3 Essential Rules for Video Conferencing

Is video conferencing the new reality?


How many times have you dialed into a conference call only to get distracted with other participants’ taps on a keyboard, the dings of late entrants, and let’s not forget the honking horn from the person taking the call on the go. We have all been there — and many of us are even the culprits.

Keeping meetings on track is always a challenge, but there is a sense of casualness associated with calling into a meeting that deters us from being fully engaged and even empowers us to focus on other tasks.

In an attempt to combat this problem, several companies have developed complex video-conferencing platforms designed to make all participants feel as if they are in the same room. However, these platforms are expensive and can be a bit out of reach for the average American business owner.

The increasing mobility of our workforce is making call-in meetings more common. Anyone who travels often for work knows that meetings are typically done on the fly and the ability to connect using a mobile device is critical.

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