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How to Work Out Like a Star

Barry's Bootcamp CEO Joey Gonzalez, whose clients clients range from Kim Kardashian to Justin Timberlake, shows you how to get a perfect butt.


Wondering what it takes to get Hollywood body?  You're in luck because one celebrity trainer is spilling his secrets.

Joey Gonzalez, celebrity trainer and COO of Barry’s Bootcamp, has a slew of famous fans, including Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Carrie Underwood and Sports Illustrated model Bar Rafaeli. He also trains Kim Kardashian -- check out the video above to find out how to make the most of your glutes!

When it comes to total body workouts, here's what he prescribes his A-list clientele:


"Women often complain about 'flarms' or flabby arms," due to weak, underdeveloped triceps, Gonzalez says. Need a fix? "Do a superset tricep blast: 10 overhead extensions, 10 bent over tricep kickback extensions and 10 tricep dips. Make sure to switch triceps!"

For the biceps, Gonzalez recommends trying an exercise he calls the "21."

"You may use either free weights or a band and perform the following: Seven curls halfway up, seven curls halfway down from the top and seven full range curls."

Butt & Legs

"At Barry's Bootcamp, we love our Booty Band," Gonzalez says. "Strap them on, get on all fours and focus on one leg at a time.  Kick back the right leg as you squeeze the glute for one minute.  Then raise that same knee up to the side and complete one minute of side hydrant kicks.  Repeat on the left side."  If you don't have a booty band, substitute with a resistance band.

"With these same bands attached, we can actually add weight and start doing more basic moves," Gonzalez says. "Grab a set of medium to heavy weights and begin alternating lounges around the room.  Try and go for as long as you can and keep track of the time so you can increase it each day."


People always lay down to do abs, but Gonzalez says a lot of effective core work can be done while you're standing.

"Standing abs are one of my signature moves with my clients looking to really get their abs looking great for a shoot or any other special occasion," he explains.  "Try side bends with weights focusing on the obliques, then drop the weights and reach double time to the sides; now continue bending side to side with your hands above your head, and finally extend your arms straight above your head and continue bending."

And don't forget about the plank — there's more to it than just holding in place. Gonzalez advises "twisting the right knee to the left elbow, and vice versa, squeezing the abdominals as the knee comes in and exhaling."

Want more?

"Bring those knees straight forward alternating and pulling them through the arms," he says "Finally, pop those legs double time in a mountain climber."

See you on the red carpet!