'The Walking Dead' Comic To Be Released In Spanish

Already a national sensation and a hit TV show, now Spanish-speaking fans of The Walking Dead series will be able to enjoy it.

The editors of the popular comic book announced late last week that they will print the collected version, or graphic novel, this September in Spanish to introduce the zombie horror epic to another sector of fans.

“We’re excited to bring The Walking Dead to the Spanish-speaking market in the United States,” said Skybound’s Director of Business Development Shawn Kirkham. “Our hope is that The Walking Dead in Spanish will help develop a new fan base in this emerging market for comic books.”

Skybound is series creator Robert Kirkman’s imprint at Image Comics, a company he serves as a partner in.

The 100th issue of The Walking Dead, according to the editors, sold more copies than any other comic in the 21st century.

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Kirkman also turned the comic into a hit TV series on AMC, which set cable records for viewers. Its third season finale attracted 12.4 million viewers this past May.

The comic is a long-running series that follows Georgia police officer Rick Grimes as he wakes up from a coma to see the world he once knew is gone and inhabited by zombies.

He searches for his family and eventually finds them meeting other interesting characters and trying to live in the remains of the “zombie apocalypse.”

Grimes and his associates learn that zombies aren’t the only thing to fear in the new world.

A Latino presence is featured in both the comic and the TV series via a character referred to as ‘Martinez.’

Kirkman wrote an episode in the first season entitled “Vatos” that involved Latino gang members with more to them than what is initially revealed.

The first six issues of the series, entitled Days Gone Bye, will be released in Spanish as Días Pasados.

The next collected volumes of the series will be released quarterly.

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