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The Latest Beauty Product Everyone's Talking About


Move over B.B. cream — there’s a new product on beauty shelves.

Chances are you've spotted the latest trend in skincare: the C.C., or color correcting, cream at your drugstore or beauty boutique.

Unlike a concealer, which merely hides blemishes and redness, a color-correcting cream provides coverage, hydration to dry skin, and sunscreen for protection against damaging rays. While B.B. creams, or beauty balms, offer similar benefits, a C.C. cream is lighter for daily wear. It also comes in more color varieties and can brighten up dull complexions.

“Often they have light-diffusing particles to improve the look of your complexion," says Debra Jaliman, a New York City-based dermatologist. "They are best for people with redness or any imperfections in their (skin) color. You can use it instead of foundation.”

Dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joel Schlessinger adds that C.C. creams are useful when it comes to the daily sun protection everyone needs.

“C.C. creams can be very beneficial for acne-prone or oily complexions due to their lighter formulation and full coverage,” says Schlessinger. “Investing in a good C.C. cream can shorten your daily routine, enhance your skin’s appearance and prevent premature aging.”

Makeup artists like Genn Shaughnessy rave about how C.C. creams can have the effect of lots of products in one.

“Typically, I’d do a primer, concealer, foundation and finishing powder for complexion coverage alone,” says Shaughnessy, who personally uses a C.C. cream daily. “Now, I can substitute prep time and product cost by eliminating multiple steps. It also typically comes in a tube, so replacing a slew of glass bottles and jars saves weight in my kit.”

To get more bang for your buck, first find out what your complexion needs from a dermatologist before splurging on a product. If your skin does need extra help in looking its best, look for a C.C. cream that offers sun protection to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

“If you have great skin, this is not the product for you,” warns Dr. Jaliman. “I find it is worth investing in a C.C. cream, but some of the products are very opaque, so you have to be careful that you don’t end up looking mask-like.”

And because C.C. creams are fairly new to the beauty market, the hunt for finding a product that perfectly matches your skin tone can be time consuming. Shaughnessy does note that for some, adding a few drops of their foundation to lighten or darken the pigment can help, but it can also defeat the purpose of investing in one to begin with.

“They may not be rich enough for someone with really dry skin,” she adds.

Nevertheless, it seems C.C. creams are here to stay — at least for now.

“Especially with summer, multi-tasking products that contain SPF are always worth the investment,” says makeup expert Laura Geller who developed her own C.C. cream, which she insists delivers light coverage, especially on days when temperatures continually rise.

“What’s more, it’s a travel-friendly compact that is perfect for travel,” she says.