The Man Who Helped Women Discover Their 'Real Beauty'



In the past week, Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" became a viral sensation.

Garnering nearly 30 million views, 7,800 comments and over 660,000 Facebook shares in just 10 days, the campaign seems to have struck a chord in the hearts of women worldwide.

The campaign is the latest by the beauty brand, known for promoting positive images of real women. For Gil Zamora, an FBI-trained forensic artist who created the much talked-about images, the experience opened his eyes to this inner battle many women are facing.  

“I was moved by the experience of creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety,” Zamora told Fox News Latino.

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With the tagline "You are more beautiful than you think," the idea of the campaign was to interview real women and see the difference between how they described their image of themselves and the way they looked through a stranger's eye.

Recruiting seven real women of different ages, shapes and ethnicities, the resulting sketches depicted two starkly different images of how critical females are on themselves and their looks.

“My wife and daughters were blown away and touched by how powerful the campaign was.”

As a husband and father, Zamora has already become more thoughtful about making sure the women in his life know how beautiful they are.

“Sometimes you have to verbalize it,” said Zamora. “People see the good in you but sometimes they aren’t expressing it so you have to hear it.”

“I realized maybe I could do more to endorse confidence.”

Seeing the video spread like wildfire in such a short amount of time has Zamora hoping the impact it has will not be lost.

“I’m hoping this will resonate with my daughter and stepdaughter and be something they remember” when they have children of their own.

Already Zamora has been contacted by people around the world who want him to replicate the project.

“People are really latching on to this idea.”

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