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We Tried It: Hair Chalk


Want to brighten up your look this spring? Hair chalk is a fun and easy way to add temporary flair to your natural hair.

With just a shampoo wash to return it to its normal color, we figured it was worth a try.  Fourteen dollars later, we were armed with Urban Outfitters' UO Hair Chalk Rainbow Set and two blank canvases — one blonde and one brunette.

After 30 minutes of chalking, our locks were multi-hued, we had made a complete mess, and were certain we'd try it again.

Here’s why:

You Feel Bold: In just minutes, we had shed our drab nine-to-five image. Whether it's a subtle pink stripe, bright orange tips or the colors of the rainbow splattered across your strands, this funky touch makes you feel bold, unique and fresh.

It's Temporary: Okay, so we've all had a horrific dye job or horrendous hair day, but with hair chalk, any mess-ups are easily fixed. If you don't like the color, it washes right out.

Freedom of Expression: Feeling blue? Wear it! Want to match your green eyes to your hair? You can! We chose the most vibrant colors in the pack. Pink, orange, purple and green.

It's Fun: Above all, this was a blast.

What you’ll Need:

  • Hair chalk
  • A spray bottle with water (we learned this the hard way)
  • A towel for your shoulders / excess chalk powder

Helpful Tips:

  • It's easier to apply on darker hair if you twist the hair and dampen it. Dampening the chalk itself adds a stronger and more vibrant color.
  • Use gloves!
  • Get wet. Applying it on dry hair left me with pastel pink locks instead of the bold magentas I was going for. Not to mention, a dry application pulled some of my hairs out. Ouch!

Final Verdict:

Chalk it up! Keep in mind that it seems to work better on blondes. Our blonde tester's hair put up less of a fight with the chalk to show the color.