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Winter Hair Care Secrets


Winter wardrobe? Check. Extra moisturizer? Check.

So why treat your hair the same way you do the rest of the year? Now’s the time to give it the nourishment and protection it needs to look and feel as good as it does on a summer’s day.

Remember that the same elements you fight to keep your skin looking healthy in winter are attacking your tresses as well. Extreme cold and wind outdoors combines with overly-heated rooms to deplete moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and prone to damage.

So start by conditioning— and then condition some more! Master hairstylist Oribe insists that clients deep-condition twice a week to help fortify strands before they break, while repairing hair that’s already brittle. Kyle White, lead colorist at Oscar Blandi Salon in New York agrees, recommending products with shea butter for its excellent moisturizing ability. He adds that mixing oil into the conditioner, such as coconut, olive, avocado or macadamia, makes it even more effective.

If your locks are still lackluster, Oribe suggests a daily leave-in conditioner to maintain moisture and keep hair hydrated. He also warns against styling with flat irons to prevent further damage. And keep in mind that dry winter air plus blow-drying equals static electricity in the extreme. To stop the flyaways, limit time and temperature with the dryer. And if your hair still won’t behave, White’s tip is to spray Static Guard on a brush and start running it through!

While conditioning is essential, there are other ways to winter-proof. Limit shampooing to no more than three times a week, and use a low-sulfate shampoo to get the benefits of its moisturizing emollients. If you’re also experiencing dry, itchy scalp, pierce a vitamin E capsule and rub the oil directly on hair. And for skiers, think of the bright white slopes like a day at the beach: the styling products you use should feature UV protection for sun-damage prevention.

Finally, remember that a humidifier in the bedroom benefits your hair as much as your skin, replenishing the moisture that radiators and other heaters steal away while you sleep. Plus, consider adding Biotin supplements to your diet to improve hair and skin, and even nails.