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Super Bowl XLVII: Our Recipes, Previews and Slideshows


 (Clockwise from left: Reuters, And They Cooked Happily Ever After, Reuters, AP)

As Sunday rapidly approaches, the frenzy surrounding Super Bowl XLVII is reaching near-epidemic proportions. Whether fans are anticipating the game, the halftime show or simply the food they'll be snacking on, it seems that everybody is coming down with a case of football fever. (And those who aren't can watch the best of television's )

We, too, admit to being afflicted. Over the course of the past weeks, we've published , but to familiarize readers with the finer points of this year's game, not to mention a preview of We've got munchies covered too, including a list of — each of which is sufficiently slathered in buffalo sauce. And if it's Beyonce's halftime performance you're waiting for, why not grab a peek at right now?

All in all, it's enough to nurture a football fan until the big game on Sunday evening. Then, when Monday comes, we can all wipe the buffalo sauce from our fingers and start functioning like normal human beings again — until the Oscars roll around, that is.