House and Home

Saying Hello to Financial Freedom in 2013


The New Year’s Eve celebrations have faded into memories and my focus is now on .

As I look back on the holidays, I feel good that I made it through without wreaking havoc on my credit card, but now the real test is keeping that kind of good behavior up throughout the year.  I’ve done okay so far, but can I really fight the urge to buy material items from so many “after Christmas sales”?

Once the New Year starts, many people start booking trips, planning cool excursions and buying sale items from department stores. This year happens to be a monumental one for me because I’m going to turn 30. As I watch my friends plan fun birthday celebrations, fabulous trips, and buy houses, I can’t help wonder what I will be able afford to do for myself this year.

While this year’s goal is to pay off my huge credit card bill, I'm going to be on the lookout for cheap trips and activities that I can afford.  Here are a few tips I plan to try:

In the Mood for a Nice Dinner?

Be on the lookout for good coupons or deals nearby For example, Chili’s restaurant has a great deal: $20 for dinner for two.  With a meal plan like that, I can stay on track with my financial plans.

Quick tip: If you received any gift cards to restaurants, use those first before picking a new place to eat.

Looking for an Activity?

Think outside the box.  If you’re in the mood for bowling, instead of spending $20 on a game at an alley go to a friend’s house and play the Wii version.  It’s not the actual sport, but it’s free and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Ready for a Night Out on the Town?

Take the time to find a great happy hour deal instead of just dropping into any bar and paying full price.  Also, if it's in walking distance from home you can save yourself a few bucks by walking there instead of getting a cab or taxi home. 

Get in Shape!

Refrain from spending money by spending more time at the gym. Use it as a chance to gain muscle instead of more debt.  You will feel better about yourself and it will help you hold yourself back from spending on pricey lunches and dinners.

Don’t Want to Miss Out on the Oscar-Nominated Movies? 

Instead of try looking online to see which ones are available for streaming. Buy some popcorn, sit down, relax on your couch and enjoy the Oscar-nominated movie.

There are so many possibilities to find a deal that could make anyone’s weekend fun and affordable.  What are some of your money-saving secrets?