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Keyless Door Locks



Fussing with a jumble of keys at your front door is so old fashioned.

A new generation of locks lets you use your fingerprint, keypad and even your smart phone to access your home — some even allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely.

Check out a few keyless lock options:

  • Kwikset SmartScan Biometric Deadbolt from Amazon. Use your fingerprint to unlock your door. You can program up to 50 unique fingerprints into the lock. $192  
  • Design House Electronic Keypad Entry Lever from Home Depot. If you're more of a numbers person, you can program up to 50 codes into this lock. $160  
  • Schlage Nexia Home Intelligence from Amazon. This unit also allows you to use your smart phone to lock and unlock your door, as well as monitor who has been using the lock and when. Perfect for working parents. $194.88  
  • Remote Control RF Deadbolt Keyless Lock from Brickhouse Security. This lock works just like that remote you use to unlock your car door. $149.95  
  • Remote Keyless Entry from Lockitron. It lets you lock and unlock doors remotely using your cell phone —perfect for you Air BnB folks out there. $179