Designer Paco Delgado Brings 'Les Miserables' to Life

Anne Hathaway as the character Fantine in a costume designed by Paco Delgado.

Anne Hathaway as the character Fantine in a costume designed by Paco Delgado.

When Spanish designer Paco Delgado signed on to create the costumes for the film adaptation of the much beloved musical Les Miserables, the Spaniard was well aware that the project would be a make or break moment for his career.

With the monumental task of designing over 2,000 intricate costumes for the early 1800s period piece, Delgado was more than just a little uneasy.

“I wasn’t nervous,” Delgado told Fox News Latino, “I was terrified.”

Having worked alongside revered Spanish director Pedro Almodovar in such films as “The Skin I Live In” and “Biutiful,” Delgado is no stranger to Hollywood.

But when you are helping to bring to life the characters in a story as iconic and timeless as Les Miserables, even the most talented individuals can hear voices of self-doubt.

When Delgado learned he’d been chosen to design the costumes for the film, his first thought was, “Oh my God how scary.”

However, Delgado looked at the project as an opportunity to pay respect to the characters.

“I have to reflect stories and lives in the costumes,” Delgado said.

While numerous interpretations of Les Miserables have been done, Delgado wanted to go back to ideas from Victor Hugo’s 19th century novel that inspired the musical.

Along with the help of director Tom Hopper, Delgado “wanted to create a world that somehow had a lot of realistic input,” but also some fantasy.

Oscar buzz has been swirling since the first stills of the movie were released.

But while Delgado may be close to reaching a career pinnacle with an Academy Award nomination for best Costume Designs, he is not letting the gossip get to him.

“I don’t like to think about this,” Delgado said of the Oscar rumors. “The job I have done was an award for me.”

Regardless of if the rumors prove to be true, the creative opportunity the project afforded to Delgado is already opening new doors for the designer.

“I think every job you do leads you to a new stage,” Delgado said, adding that it's a new dimension for him because it’s a major studio movie.

Now that all the hard work is over, Delgado is letting the entire roller coaster experience of the film sink in.

“I think a lot of people will enjoy it,” says Delgado. “That’s an award in itself.”

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