Making Football Fashion Feminine and Cool

Every Sunday, millions of Americans gather to cheer on their favorite football team. But for me, Sunday is about gathering for brunch with friends and cheering with a mimosa.

When I saw some of my friends getting all excited about Sunday night football, I was surprised. I suddenly started noticing all the lady fanatics of this very male sport. I also noticed my cute friends looked, well, a little sloppy wearing their oversized team jerseys.

The other day I came across a collection designed by Nike with the lady NFL fanatic in mind. I noticed that the t-shirts and jerseys were made to fit and actually flatter these lovely ladies. There was also some really nice leggings and shorts to match. They were so cute that it made me want to be a football fan.

I started to think about this new trend of athletic wear inspired clothing. We all know Ralph Lauren has his rugby collection, for those that want to live the lifestyle but don't need to necessarily know about rugby.

I remembered Alexander Wang had a football-inspired collection back in 2010. He did a fantastic collection with big shoulder pads and a jersey. The most memorable piece was a sweatshirt dress with leather shoulder patches. So, athletic wear can and has, and will, continue to inspire runway collections.

So would it be any different if I got a full-blown NFL outfit although I know nothing about football?

I know the players wear shoulders and... shoulder pads are back in style. They also wear leggings and... I love leggings! Two of my favorite movies are Jerry Maguire and The Blindside. So yes I was inspired and decided I am going to get an NFL outfit.

Here is my simple NFL game plan inspired by football fashionistas Gisele Bündchen and Eva Longoria.

You need a football jersey or t-shirt with your team logo.

  1. Skinny jeans in either leather or athletic inspired stripe jean
  2. Chunky high top sneakers in fun colors or a great boot
  3. Über cool leather jacket or a varsity jacket
  4. A skull cap. I prefer the retro knit turban
  5. Legwarmers. Yes, very 1980s, but so are shoulder pads
  6. Pashmina scarf
  7. Great bag
  8. Sunglasses
  9. One or two pieces with your team logo is enough. Do show your support by wearing team colors

Monica Diaz is a NYC fashion consultant, owner of MonicaDiazMode and the author of 7 Days To Style.

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