Hispanic Heritage Month: Rita Moreno, Celebrating 75 Years in Show Biz

Rita Moreno is one of 11 people to have won what's commonly referred as an EGOT - or an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and a Tony - known as the grand slam of show business.


In partnership with the Ailes Apprentice Program, and reporter Alicia Acuña, Fox News Latino has honored extraordinary Latinos throughout Hispanic Heritage Month.

Watch the full video story above for more on the incredible life of Rita Moreno.

The legendary Rita Moreno is one of 11 people, and the only Latino, to have ever won an Emmy,Grammy, Oscar and a Tony in what's commonly referred to as an EGOT - the grand slam of show business.

As an actor, she’s simply done it all.  

Moreno sat down with Fox News Latino recently at her home in Berkeley, California to talk about her remarkable career, how she got there, and why she’s still performing today.

"I was born to this," Moreno said. "Ya know I-I really blame my DNA. From the time I was a little girl in Puerto Rico, I used to dance for’s just in me."

At 80-years-old, Moreno is still performing, playing a jewish grandmother on TV Land's "Happily Divorced."

"I love the attention. And any performer who tells you otherwise is lying," she explained. "Number two, there’s something so exciting about creating a role...there’s something just thrilling to me about being on stage. Now, having said that, because it’s so immediate. I mean the curtain comes up and there you are."

This may look like fun, but after all these years performing in front of people can still have its terrifying moments.

"I get horribly, horribly frightened. I do get stage fright."

"First night, always. Always the first night kind of a thing...but I’m one of those people who can’t ignore a challenge."

Born Rosa Delores Alverio, Moreno spent the first five years in her native Puerto Rico – but when her parents divorced, her mother brought her to New York for a chance at a better life.  But they learned early on, it wouldn’t be easy.

"I want people to take away from my life something very very important," she said. "My unwillingness to be knocked down. I believe that if you get knocked down you really really can get up. 

I’m at the top of my game as far as I’m concerned I’m in the prime of my life. And I’m 80, I’m gonna be 81 in December. And I am the happiest Puerto Rican you’ve ever met."

Watch the full video story above for more on the incredible life of Rita Moreno.

Video was produced, edited, shot, and written by Brad Newman.

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