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We Tried It: The Naked Sports Bra


You won't be nude if you're wearing a Naked Sports Bra, but according to the company that makes them, you might as well be.

The bust is made of breathable material to keep your sweat in check, and the straps are made of mesh fabric designed to minimize tan lines. If you wear one in the sun, it's supposed to look as though you tanned in the nude.

Here's what happened when we tried them:

"The bra took a little effort to get over my head, and I was concerned that I would tear the mesh straps," said Kristin Lehrer, an editor at FOX News Magazine.

I must admit that I, too, had the same anxiety. It was one of the most awkward sports bras I've ever tried to get into. 

"However, once on, it fit like a glove!" continued Kristin. "It didn't get in the way of my exercises, either."

For me, the first time I wore my Naked Sports Bra was to a  It was definitely secure and comfortable, but the straps felt so sheer on my shoulders that I was worried they would tear; I was honestly surprised that they didn't. Women in my paddleboarding class even asked about my sports bra, and seemed interested in buying one.

I can't say for sure if the bra prevents tan lines for everyone, but at the end of the day, my shoulders and back were in the clear. As Kristin added, "preventing tan lines is just an added bonus to the cool design."

The downside?

At $42 apiece, the price is pretty steep. "I’m not sure they’re worth $42," said Kristin, "but they're certainly comfortable. And I love the fun colors."

While a Naked Sports Bra is definitely not a necessity, you might want to consider one the next time you're in the mood to splurge. It's sure to brighten up your workout wardrobe, and probably garner some compliments and curiousity.

The verdict is still out on whether switch sports bras for good, but we're pretty sure the Naked Sports Bra is at least worth a try.