I have friend who has a huge sock collection. She has tons of playful socks, and socks of the serious kind as well. I, on the other hand, have a tiny sock collection consisting of your basic white gym socks, black boot socks and black tights.

I remember being in Paris a few years ago and seeing all the wonderful textured and pattern hose and thinking I loved them. But I could not find a way to wear them and felt uncomfortable doing so.

This season, however, I started to feel the love for the socks my friend and the French have felt for years.

I love the look of cool socks worn unexpectedly with high heels. Textured and patterned hose making an outfit look fun and chic. All the magazines and runway looks paired interesting leg wear to create updated looks for this fall season.

How and where do we start expanding our sock collection? Here are my top ten must have socks for the season.

1. Colorful & patterned sockettes or peds. I wear peds all time and hate it when they show because it makes me look so outdated (old). Well the new neon and brightly colored peds are made to be seen. They make all outfits look cool and young.

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2. Patterned ankle socks. Love these cute patterned socks that you can wear with your flats and hide under your pant leg. My favorite way of wearing them though is with open toe shoes and a cool dress or skirts. They are so colorful they are made to be seen.

3. Over the knee socks. You need to be ready for this trend. They are meant to be worn with shorts and mini skirts. The look is playful and sexy at the same time. This is for the girl that loves to wear short skirts but wants to stay warm and look hot!

4. Lace or textured sheer pantyhose. I have not worn pantyhose in years but now is the right time to bring them back. The new textured hose have the most wonderful and interesting patterns. I love the lace patterns and the Swiss dotted looks the best but there are so  many tonal patterns you can have fun with. The idea here is wear them with a simple almost conservative attire and let the hose make the outfit.

5. Patterned tights. You can have cable knit tights or go for it and do a color blocked tight. They are again meant to be the focal point of more sporty outfit and can be worn with heels or fun to wear with sneakers as well.

6. The new ombre tights. Love, love, love these tights. They are chic and unexpected colors. The ombre pattern is one that starts with strongest variation of the color and then gets lighter toward your toe. Designer Tiffany Ju created these to highlight a great shoe. I want them in all colors!

7. French seam black pantyhose. Classic sexy and a definite must have for this and every season. Why didn’t I own these before?!

8. Illusion garter hose. So sexy and comfortable. These full hose are designed to create an illusion of wearing a garter belt. You get the sexiness without the fuss.

9. You want the garter belt? Perfect. All these great textured hoses also are available in thigh high hose style with an elastic at the thigh to stay put. This is vintage sex appeal all  the way.

10. Last, but not least, you need your basic colorful tights. You can build a sock drawer just with all the wonderful colors from black, grey, brown, taupe, cranberry, navy to fun fuchsia and glow stick yellow.

It took me a few years to embrace this trend but I am now making room for not one but two sock drawers!

Monica Diaz is a NYC fashion consultant, owner of MonicaDiazMode and the author of 7 Days To Style.

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