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Kerri Walsh Was Pregnant at the Olympics?!


If anyone can win an Olympic gold medal while pregnant, it's Kerri Walsh Jennings.

The three-time gold medalist in beach volleyball announced that while competing in London, she was five weeks pregnant. Now at 11 weeks, Walsh Jennings is excited to be sharing her news.

"When I was throwing my body around fearlessly, and going for gold for our country, I was pregnant, and today I’m 11 weeks pregnant," she told the "Today" show.

Walsh Jennings, 34, and husband Casey Jennings decided to try for a third ahead of the London games, but neither expected it to happen so quickly.  The excited mom-to-be acknowledged that she felt "off" during the London Games.

“I thought it could have been the stress of the games and travel kind of throws your schedule off, but I knew,” she explained.

If you think this pregnancy will stop her from competing in Rio 2016, think again. She bounced back after her first two children — Joey, 3, and Sundance, 2, — and she's ready to do it again. "I'm planning on coming back smarter and stronger," Walsh Jennings said.

After the history she's made, we don't doubt that.

While it’s rare, Kerri Walsh Jennings isn’t the only athlete to have competed in the Olympics while pregnant. Here are some others:

  • Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi of Malaysia was eight months pregnant when she competed in the 10 meter air rifle at the 2012 London Olympics.
  • Canadian curler Kristie Moore was five months pregnant when she and her teammates competed in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and won silver.
  • German slider Diana Sartor competed in the women's skeleton event at the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics while nine weeks pregnant.
  • Swedish figure skater Magda Julin won a gold medal in the 1920 Olympics while three months pregnant.