3 Places to Introduce Creativity Into the Workplace



It’s important to allow your creative self to flourish at work.  We all have brilliant insights, ideas and flashes of inspiration that come to us.  Make sure you share them!

You might be in an inherently creative field, and are able to let your creative juices flow on a daily basis.  But if you’re not, here are a few ideas of where you can bring your improvements and suggestions to the office.

What You Do

We all have certain job descriptions, and have to make sure that the tasks already assigned to us get completed.  

However, we also have the opportunity to add projects to our pile that are exciting, different, build a skill set, or allow our creativity to flow.

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Look for opportunities to broaden what you do, based on what you see as the needs.  For example, as an attorney, I am often asked for specific business advice in my area of expertise.  However, a large piece of this is also educating my clients about why moving in a certain direction is in their best interest.

I am often asked to share that same information (the educational piece) with my clients’ team members.  Over time, I have added a significant amount of training and teaching to my job that was not in the job description when I first started my job.

I saw the types of questions people asked over and over, and general information that was useful and added value, and have built trainings around those topics, geared to different audiences within the company in which I work.

Now, people know I regularly do trainings throughout the country and ask me to come and do training on specific topics with which they need help – either in person or on the web.  

Think about how you can be creative in what you do, and stretch your role.

What You Offer

Get creative with what you offer to your clients and customers.  This may include your services and/or your products.

Many times, you will be in the position to see what your clients and customers need that is not currently being offered by your organization or company.

Perhaps you get a brilliant idea for a new service offering, or a unique product – in short, you see solutions for your audience that others in the workplace have missed.

When you can figure out a better, faster, or more effective way to meet your clients’ problems and offer them solutions, you will be invaluable!

This may be going through the process to offer a new product on the product roster, or it might simply be adding a customer service piece – such as an intro and exit interview – each time a project comes in from an existing client.

How You Do It

It may be the processes and procedures that can be improved.  Don’t overlook the opportunity to be creative in how you do what you do!

If you can shorten time to completion for a product, streamline communication among a team, or offer a better way to get to the end goal, you are bringing true value.

Think about how you can be creative in the workplace, and have fun thinking up new kinds of value to bring.  Be crazy, silly, and think outside the box.  Do this on your own, or with a group of others.  

Yes, you might come up with a number of duds, but creativity isn’t about editing yourself.  It’s letting the ideas flow, and then later deciding which ones are good, and running with them.  

Have fun!

How are you creative at your workplace?

Aurelia Flores is Senior Counsel at a Fortune 500 company and former Fulbright Fellow who graduated from Stanford Law School. Her website,, offers stories of success, along with resources and programs focused on Latino empowerment.


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