Latino 'SpiderDad' Becomes Overnight Internet Sensation

It's a video that's gone viral.  A Houston father dressed up like Spiderman, surprised his son and went bouncing around at a trampoline park.

The father had the whole thing video-taped.  He put it on YouTube yesterday for family and friends to see and since then it's gone viral.

It was the movie "Big Daddy" and the scene with Scuba Steve that inspired Atascocita father Daniel Garcia.

"In that scene where he dressed us as Scuba Steve, he gets this boy he's taking care of to do things for him, they're doing them together in a fun interactive way.  I told myself when I become a father I'd love to do that and the opportunity came up recently," said Daniel.

So SpiderDad decided to surprise his 3-year-old son Oliver with a super-hero trip to a local trampoline park.

"Everyone was kind of amazed at first, smiling, taking pictures, took them all with my son," said Daniel.

Who knew all the fun would make the spider-duo internet stars overnight!

"I put it on YouTube to share with family and friends and surprisingly it went viral.  There are so many parents that have done what I've done, it's nothing new, I got it from Big Daddy, I think maybe it's the fact that it was done at a unique place, made it original and it enlightened people," said Daniel.

Daniel says the super-hero disguise not only made him feel like a kid allowed his son Oliver to experience an awesome unforgettable and well-documented adventure!

"It's made him grow his imagination, expand it, really lost in the park when he thought he was with Spiderman and he felt like he was Spiderman himself, jumping all over, experiencing it with a superhero," said Daniel.

So will the Garcia's create another viral video?  Daniel says he's thinking something star-wars related may be next.


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