Summertime Fashion: Sexy Swimwear For Her and Him

Monica Diaz

 (Monica Diaz)

It’s that time of year! The one you either love or are dreading with all your might. It is officially bathing suit season. Are you ready?

It happens to me every year. I seem to never be in tip-top shape and get anxious at the thought of having to uncover every July.

But there's no need to panic if you are not in perfect shape. Today’s swimwear can make us all look and feel amazing. Here are a few trends and tips on how they can help you look fabulous.

Women's Swimwear Trends

Rouging is perhaps one of the best and biggest swimwear trends. Swimsuits that have rouging or gathering look elegant and help camouflage those few extra pounds. Bikini tops that with rouging on the top actually accentuate and give the illusion of a fuller top.

Animal Prints 
This sexy print looks best on fuller figures. The new prints have an abstract animal print making it more sophisticated and easier to wear. This print is full on sexy animal attraction.

High Waisted
High waisted bikinis are the new two-piece trend and can help you hide tummy troubles and look very retro chic.

Athletic Inspired
Athletic-inspired swimwear trends keep us fashionable while practicing a sport or just “sporting” the look. The long T-shirt with tiny bikini bottom is surfer chic and can help you camouflage upper body flaws.

Black is Back

We all know black instantly sheds inches off your figure and if you add strategically placed rouging you will look model ready in minutes.

Stripes are sporty, nautical and very in fashion. Great for a smaller figures that want to give the illusion of curves.

The String Bikini 
Contrary to popular belief, the smaller the bikini the curvier and slimmer you will look. This is the perfect reward if you did reach your figure goals. All you need is a great tan and lots of confidence to rock this look.

Men’s Swimwear Trends

There is only one trend I want to talk about and that is the trend of getting away from oversized trunks! I hated the sloppy oversized trunks that were not flattering on any man.

I am so excited about this tend because they make every guy look slimmer, taller and fashionable

Mid to Lower Thigh Swim Trunks

Go get yourself a pair of nice fitting mid to lower thigh swim trunks. This style looks great on all ages and shapes. Just make sure you get the right size. So many men are used to oversized clothing that they will tend to get a bigger size than they need. You want the look to be fitted not tight. You can wear a t-shirt and take this trunk to any outdoor bar or pool side party.

Go have fun and let me know which trend you love the most!

Monica Diaz is a NYC fashion consultant, owner of MonicaDiazMode and the author of 7 Days To Style.

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