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Pregnancy Tips From Rosie Pope


 (©Steven Freeman 2012)

Rosie Pope’s got a lot going on: She’s a mom of three, designer, educator, and star of Bravo’s hit TV show “Pregnant in Heels.” We had the opportunity to interview the star and find out some of her tips and tricks.

Q: Do you really recommend wearing heels while pregnant?     A: It's not really healthy, although it makes me feel so much better about myself. (There have to be some health benefits to that!) Some women find standing on tiptoes comfortable, and therefore heels can reduce some cyatic nerve pain, but in general, it just exacerbates it and makes it worse.  They are also dangerous when your center of gravity shifts, as you are less stable on your feet.  

Q: Are some heels better than others?A: Wedges give you a heel but more support — and espadrilles.

Q: If you’re not ready to reveal your pregnancy, what are the best types of clothes to conceal it?A: To best hide the belly, women should wear blouses that use techniques such as empire waistlines, pleating, and bias cuts to ensure extra fabric to hide the bump and make it less clear whether you are pregnant or just wearing tops with a lot of fabric. Pleats are my favorite trick of all.

Q: And for accentuating it?A: To accentuate the bump, choose tight styles with side cinching.

Q: What’s one mommy product you can’t live without?A: Philips Avent Natural Bottles. I am on the go a lot with Vivienne and often on live TV, so I need an alternative at times to my breast. The new Philips Avent Natural Bottle best replicates the breast and reduces gas so I know my baby is getting the best alternative to me!  

Q: What are your tricks for feeling beautiful while pregnant?A:

  • Take advantage of that luscious hair and long nails with blowouts and romantic curls.
  • Accentuate your glowing skin with cream bronzers and moisturizers. I love Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream to highlight cheeks, eyelids and lips.
  • Wear styles that are true to your style, comfortable and embrace your new curves.