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1 Move to Target and Tone Your Arms

Shape up your arms in under a minute.


Looking for a great exercise to tone the back of the arms? Try fitness expert Heather Culton’s pilates arms workout; it’s fast, easy and fun!

Pilates Arms Workout:1. Sit down comfortably with the knees bent.

2. Hug yourself underneath the left rib.

3. Take the left arm directly across the left knee, putting all of your weight onto the heels of the left hand.    Note: Don’t cheat by using your abs.

4. Slowly bend yourself down, tap the right shoulder to the floor and slowly press back up until you feel a burning sensation in the back of the arm.    Note: Push with all of your weight into the left hand and press up until you feel it in the back of the arm.

5. Perform 15 reps on each side.

Heather recommends doing this exercise every day but at the very least do it three times a week and you’ll start to notice a real change in the back of your arms.