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10 Ways to Make your Bedroom Sexier


After a long day of work, kids, errands and everything else that may be on your plate, it can be difficult to get your fill of intimacy by the time you hit your pillow. But what if your bedroom could help put you and your partner in the mood? Go from burnt out to turned on with these 10 tips that will bring back the spark in the bedroom.

Paint the Town Red"Red is all about sensuality, however red is not always appropriate. Bright red can be overwhelming," says color expert Leatrice Eiseman. "You can take a variation of red, like a pink, which evokes inherent romance and sensuality. There is a feeling of romance and intimacy in pink, and you can find a lot of variation in the pinks and roses."

The Power of PumpkinThere's no question that scents can put you in the mood, but some are more effective than others. Among them, pumpkin and lavender seem to be the most potent. Studies in 1998 and 2006 by Alan Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Treatment Research Foundation concluded that both men and women showed the most sexual response to these aromas. It turns out there's always a place for your pumpkin candles after the holidays are over.

Dim It DownHe wants the lights on; you want them off. When you only have two options, someone is left compromising. Dimming the lights low will keep you lit up without turning him off.

Take a SeatHaving another staple piece of furniture in your bedroom, like a loveseat or an armchair, gives you more options when you decide to get frisky.

Mirror, MirrorHang a mirror on the wall — but not just any wall. And no, we're not suggesting the ceiling! Try putting a mirror across from the foot of your bed. This can make things more interesting in the moment, but won't force you to have to look at yourself falling asleep every night.

Turn up the MusicGet an iPod dock that you can turn on whenever you feel the need. Make sure a remote is included!

Turn Off the TVIf you keep a television in your bedroom, hide it away in an armoire. Reruns of "CSI" = not so sexy.

Get Rid of ClutterAlong with the television, clutter presents distraction. A clean room is a sexy bedroom — so you'll want to put away loose papers, your blackberry, hair curlers, makeup, etc.

Play with FabricsA sexy bedroom is all about sensuality, so make sure to pile your bed with an array of fabrics and throw pillows.

Mint ConditionMorning fun? Yes please. Morning breath? No thanks. Keep some mints in the drawer of your bedside table and grab a breath-freshener before you grab anything else.