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5 Organizational Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter


Fall is in full swing, and with that comes the potential for more clutter. With the colder weather comes jackets, scarves, gloves, and of course backpacks, lunch boxes and school art projects. Clutter can pile up quickly, so it’s important to have a place for everything. This requires making space beforehand so your storage areas aren't bursting at the seams come wintertime. We went to Jill Pollack, host of "Consumed" on HGTV Canada, to give us her expert tips on a clean house!

  • What Does Your Winter Wardrobe Look Like?Look at all of your winter weather clothes and gear. Do you have matching gloves? Is your ski jacket ripped, and do you need a new one? Are your boots sturdy and ready for snow? Make sure you're up to speed before the first signs of harsh weather. 
  • Throw Out/Donate Summer Clothing You Won't Want Next YearAs you put summer gear away, get rid of any ripped shorts, stretched-out bathing suits and stained t-shirts. Get these items out of the way so you can start fresh in the spring. 
  • Go Through Sporting Goods/EquipmentGo through your sporting goods and clear out all broken games, rackets, etc. Be aware of which winter equipment you have and which equipment you might need. 
  • Clean Out the GarageUse these nice, cooler days before it gets cold to clear out the garage. Maybe you can finally park the car in there, for goodness sake! 
  • Clean Out the KitchenGo through your cabinets and pantry and make space. You'll be spending more time in the house, and you’ll want an uncluttered workspace to make soups and holiday cookies.