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How to Paint Your Home Like a Pro

Forget hiring painters. Stephen Fanuka has tips to give you the professional edge.


Experts say paint is the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve your home … when it's done right. But a good paint job is harder to achieve than it looks.

Walls, of course, can be done with a paint roller, which will save you time and give you an even coating. Door and window frames, on the other hand, are a bit trickier. We consulted Stephen Fanuka, host of DIY Network's “Million Dollar Contractor,” who gave us some tips on painting frames like a pro.

Start with a roller. Fanuka likes this method for applying paint to the frame. "It's a lot easier when you just roll it," he says.

Brush out the kinks. The downside to applying paint with a roller, according to Fanuka, is the "orange peel marks" it leaves behind. To fix this tacky texture, Fanuka reaches for a paintbrush. "I take a brush right after, and I brush (them) out, creating these beautiful lines."

Follow the frame. When brushing out the "orange peels," Fanuka always brushes in the direction of the frame. "I go with the stiles, straight down, and then in between … never crossing over the other straight line that I've done. Now, instead of an orange-peel look, you have a Picasso look."

Watch Stephen Fanuka demonstrate these tips in the step-by-step video above. They're sure to yield smooth, professional results in no time!