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Find Your Perfect Foundation at the Drugstore


How many times have you walked into a drugstore, looked at the humongous WALL of foundations and thought, “There’s no way I could ever find a match!?"

It’s a dilemma that so many women face, and why many of us opt for the pricier beauty counter buys where we can try before we buy. However, mass-market cosmetic brands have heard our frustration (after all, who wants to pay more for a foundation?!?) and come up with a solution. Many of your favorite brands now have some sort of a foundation finder: a color matching system to find the perfect shade for your skin. But do these foundation finders actually work?

We went to CVS to test three brands: the , and . The results might persuade you to ditch the more expensive brands and try out their less expensive competitors. Remember, many mass-market retailers have a liberal return policy, even with products you’ve opened and tried, as long as you keep the receipt. Follow the links above to check out the results of our in-store test, and good luck with your foundation hunting!