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Do Your Eye Makeup Like a Pro


Anyone can get flawless, professional-looking eye makeup at home, but you need the right tools — four of them, to be precise.

FOR EYELINER AND BROWS: A SLANTED EYELINER BRUSH This is a great two-in-one brush for applying powdered eyeliner and brow powder to enhance sparse or uneven eyebrows. The slanted edge will help create clean, thin lines along the eyelid. For a more defined line, wet the brush before dipping it into the powder. For a smoky look, use a dry brush and blend outwards.

FOR ALL OVER LID: EYE SHADOW BRUSH Find a smaller brush with a rounded edge to apply your main eye shadow colors; this will allow you to “press” color in. Use a light tapping motion when applying the eye shadow (rather than rubbing the brush across your lid) to deposit a richer color.

TO BLEND OUT: A BLENDING BRUSH A soft, fluffy brush that’s tapered and rounded at the tip can be used to gently shade and blend the crease line with shadow powder.

FOR DRAMATIC LOOKS: A DEFINING BRUSH Use this pointed brush to define the eye crease with a darker shade of eye shadow.

One final suggestion: Invest in a good set of makeup brushes now, and they will last you ten times as long as their cheaper counterparts. Bobbi Brown, MAC and Make Up For Ever all have brushes loved by the pros. If you're on a budget, Sonia Kashuk has an amazing and affordable line at Target.