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6 Everyday Tasks to Keep Your Home Clean


The thought of spring cleaning can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be that way! By following these tips from Martha Stewart, you'll have half the work to do when spring cleaning rolls around, and your home will be a much happier, more organized place to live (all the time).

1. Make the BedTidiness begets tidiness. A crisply made bed makes the whole room seem more orderly, which makes it less likely that you'll let other things — such as clothes and papers — pile up around it.

2. Manage ClutterWhenever you leave a room, take a quick look around for anything that isn't where it should be. Pick it up and put it where it belongs. Insist that everyone in the household do the same.

3. Sort the MailTake a few minutes to open, read and sort mail as soon as you bring it inside. Keep a trash bin near your sorting area for junk mail. Drop other mail into one of four inboxes: personal correspondence, bills, catalogs and filing.

4. Clean as You CookInstead of filling the sink with pots and dishes, wash them or put them in the dishwasher as you prepare a meal.

5. Wipe Up Spills While They're FreshWhether it's tomato sauce on the cooktop or makeup on the bathroom counter, almost anything is faster and easier to remove if you attend to it immediately.

6. Sweep the Kitchen FloorEvery evening once you've finished washing up after dinner, sweep the floor. This will keep tough-to-clean dirt and grime from building up, which will make the weekly mopping much quicker.