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Last week on Being Latino on Facebook: Frida Kahlo’s infertility; friends with benefits; being Latino; dichos, and dreams of motherhood.

Can friends transition to a purely sexual relationship without consequences? A friends with benefits relationship is good in theory, but not everyone can deal with its consequences.

Being Latino means different things to different people, and it’s much more than what anyone thinks. As the author stated, “Latino is a category as exclusive as a public park and as inclusive as the term American.”

Part of being Latino, as I’m sure it’s part of any culture, are dichos or sayings that we all grow up with. They’re lessons, advice, and wisdom shared in simple words. They’re part of how we identify with our heritage.

Being a mom or dad isn’t a dream for everyone. In fact, some people are very happy to be child free. But for those who dreamed of a life with family, accepting a life of being childless can mean coping with heartbreak.

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